Current Position

• Associate Professor at UCSD
• Director – Community Psychiatry Program
• Director – Outpatient Psychiatric Services – Hillcrest
• Director – TeleMentalHealth Program Relevant APA, CPA, SDPS Positions
• Consultant Member, APA Finance Committee
• Member, APA Council on Advocacy and Government Relations
• Chair Academic Council, CPA
• Member, CPA Government Affairs
• Past Chair APA ECP and RFM Committtees
• ASM and Components Membership
• Past President SDPS
• Past President San Diego NAMI

Representing my colleagues to our psychiatric and medical professional organizations has been highlights of my career. With your trust and confidence, I hope to serve you as the Treasurer of California Psychiatric Association.

Relevant fiscal responsibility work include entrepreneurialism, formal training in business administration, consultant member of the APA’s Finance Committee, oversight of ambulatory clinical operations and community psychiatry programs at UCSD, and non-profit organizational leadership.

My goals as CPA Treasurer will be:

• Strengthen and streamline our financial relationships with the APA and each District Branches
• Transparently showcase financial aspects of current and future endeavors of the CPA
• Coordinate collaborative efforts between District Branches

An Honor

It will be an honor to serve as your CPA Treasurer and please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.